"We believe sustainability is a process of continuous improvement. It requires a holistic approach based on a proven business case.

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  • Opinion

    We need to understand sustainability reporting as an opportunity

    • Large public-interest companies in the EU have to disclose non-financial information starting in 2018
    • The complexity, as well as the publication deadline, are a challenge
    • Acting sustainably increases the value of a corporation in the long-term

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  • Project example

    S&C completes vinyl industry materiality analysis

    The Vinyl Institute, through its Vinyl Business and Sustainability Council (VBSC), is advancing its sustainability efforts. As a first step, S&C was mandated to conduct an industry materiality analysis. In early November, at the vinyl industry’s annual conference, Vinyl360, S&C presented the results of the analysis and facilitated a workshop for the industry members to discuss potential next steps. The results will set the foundation for an industry-wide sustainability approach that will be developed going forward.

  • Project example

    Voith publishes 7th sustainability report

    Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA published its 7th sustainability report in October, supported by S&C and C+R. Using a new targeted reporting concept – consisting of print report, highlight brochure, and online fact collection – addresses the information needs of different stakeholders.

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