Challenges and untapped potential

We'll pinpoint them together with you.


Over the last 11 years, we have completed over 500 projects with a focus on Corporate Responsibility (CR) and sustainability for roughly 120 renowned companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Through these projects, we have gained considerable experience. With this knowledge and a pool of proven methods, we expertly support companies in strategic and organizational (re-)orientation to become fit for the future.

S&C distinguishes itself through its:

  • Understanding the complexities of corporate responsibility and sustainability
  • Knowledge of success factors as well as barriers in the integration of sustainability into a company’s core business
  • Systematic solutions
  • Extensive experience in various industries addressing numerous issues
  • International and professional mindset
  • Long-term relationships with clients due to the high quality of work produced, innovative and results-driven solutions, and uncompromising loyalty.
  • Contribution to the development of sustainability through research, market studies, and by designing and organizing events intended to generate new insights.

We offer solutions in six areas of expertise.


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