Our Expertise

Over the last 10 years, we have completed over 400 projects with a focus on Corporate Responsibility (CR) and sustainability for roughly 100 renowned companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Through these projects, we have gained considerable experience. With this knowledge and a pool of proven methods, we expertly support companies in strategic and organizational (re-) orientation to become fit for the future.

Schlange & Co. distinguishes itself through its:

  • Expert knowledge gained through long-term experience in CR consulting
  • Incisive CR and sustainability methods
  • Knowledge of success factors as well as barriers in the integration of sustainability into a company’s core business
  • Systematic solutions
  • Extensive experience in various industries addressing numerous issues
  • International and professional mindset
  • Long-term relationships with clients due to the high quality of work produced, innovative and results-driven solutions, and uncompromising loyalty.
  • Contribution to the development of sustainability through research, market studies, and by designing and organizing events intended to generate new insights.

CR Strategy & Organization

We assist you in identifying relevant sustainability issues by means of a materiality analysis, deriving strategic objectives, as well as in the operationalization.

Responsible Supply Chain Management
We help you organize and manage your supply chain in a sustainable manner through product, industry, and country risk analyses, as well as with effective management approaches.

Stakeholder Communication
We develop your sustainability reports and help you communicate your core messages to relevant stakeholders.

Impact Assessment
We analyze your CR measures and assist in the development of appropriate performance indicators, footprint calculations and life-cycle analyses.

We help you to select suitable software for your sustainability management and assist in its implementation and application.

Knowledge Transfer and Innovation
We do not just apply knowledge but we also develop our own expertise and methods further by continuously engaging with others. By doing so, we continue to generate new and innovative ideas.